Cooperatives and Innovation – Building the Future of Care in Europe

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Over the next 40 years the proportion of the population above the age of 65 in the European Union will almost double, confronting the current care systems with challenges that are already raising concerns today. To tackle the looming crisis, cooperatives are taking on the challenge of reimagining the future of care in Europe through new economic and social models, together with innovative technological solutions.

On 28th and 29th of November, in the framework iCareCoops, European Active and Assisted Living project, Cooperatives Europe will host an event titled “Cooperatives and innovation – building the future of care in Europe” in Brussels. Gathering stakeholders, European and Belgian policy-makers as well as experts in older person’s care and IT, the event will explore the challenges and opportunities the changing face of healthcare offers to cooperatives, discover the power community-based enterprises and present the research and innovative technical solutions developed over the course of the project.

The session will be preceded by a visit to a care cooperative in Belgium as a live case-study for our guests.




November 28th
Reinventing care in Belgium: a panorama of cooperative innovation. (Includes study visit of Maison Biloba Huis)

November 29th
Experience-sharing. iCareCoops: innovating for the future of care
Roundtable. Shaping a community-based and empowering future of care in Europe

Download the full Programme here.

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  1. eric bogers says:

    hello we saw the event on novembre 28st. we are intrested to join in that day. is that possible ?
    we are not(yet) a cooperative but we want to start up a ESF project about that theme.



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