iCareCoops FACTS





  • Elaborate the foundation of an innovative and modern approach to support and promote Elderly Care Cooperatives by conducting research on existing cooperatives formed in different domains (e.g. food, agriculture, transport, health, etc.).
  • Study in detail concepts, approaches and workflows of care cooperatives and communities in Europe, to achieve a sound understanding of services offered and requirements to support these services with ICT and AAL shaping future iCareCoops.
  • Develop an innovative web-based platform which offers interactive ICT- and AAL-based services, processes and mobile applications to enable an environment of true collaboration and cooperation which supports carers and cooperatives in their diverse and demanding tasks.
  • Integrate existing AAL gateways, devices and services on the platform serving as technical triggers for care actions and promote AAL solutions over an agent-based directory to the established care cooperatives.
  • Implement, demonstrate and validate iCareCoops in a realistic pilot environment which strongly involves care cooperatives, informal and formal carers, care receivers and other relevant stakeholders considering their specific needs, workflows and requirements.
  • Develop sustainable strategies for the rollout of the innovative concept of Elderly Care Cooperatives in Europe including a service portfolio fostering elderly care efficiency and distribution of AAL solutions.

Technical Approach

Technology development follows an iterative and incremental approach which allows adapting the platform to the needs and requirements of its users. Mainly open source solutions will be used for the platform development starting from the webserver (Apache 2.2) and rational database systems (MySQL) up to object oriented web frameworks such as Laravel or Bootstrap. The platform will be accessible through a Web Browser as well as through a native mobile application running on Android. The development of the platform and the mobile application consists of User Experience (UX design) analysis, Requirements Management, Design of sketches, Flowcharts, User Interface (UI) design, Mockup, Programming, Test, Bug fixing, and distribution, e.g. the App via an upload to stores.

The iCareCoops platform will be developed according to the newest standards in web development defined by the W3C. In detail, new advances in web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 in combination with powerful JavaScript libraries like JQuery will be used to generate the best possible user experience for all stakeholders in the project. Due to the implementation of responsive design features, the platform can be used with different devices featuring different screen sizes (PC, Tablet, and Smartphone). In addition, a strong focus on the accessibility of the iCareCoops platform is set during the development. By following the technical specifications defined in the WAI-ARIA, a dynamic, interactive web content, which is accessible by people with disabilities, is produced. This approach guarantees that the benefits created through the iCareCoops platform are not only provided to a subsection of possible end-users, but also to other very important target groups of the project.