• 04/2017D6.4 Business plan including revenue model specifications 2
    The second iteration of the business plan will elaborate certain elements, such as IPR, in depth and include the final business model with learnings from the development and mobilisation.
  • 02/2017Milestone 6 Pilot tests set up
  • 02/2017D5.1 Demonstrator and test design
    A running demonstrator is deployed for user tests. All basic functions are integrated The methodology of the end-user tests is explained in-depth.

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  • 01/2017D4.3 Frontend implementation status report
    The technical information on the primary implementation of the frontend components and modules as well as on the primary integration of third party AAL components and the mobile app.
  • 11/2016D2.2 Second best practice report on cooperatives
    The updated and extended best practice report about coops from various domains, offered services, the role of ICT and applicable lessons learned for care coops.

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  • 10/2017Milestone 5 Draft business plan finished
  • 10/2016D6.3 Business plan including revenue model specifications 1
    A detailed business plan including future exploitation strategies and measures is a key document to ensure the sustainability of the project achievements and includes, among other things, a sharpened project vision, goals and value proposition, a tested business model, market analysis, customer segments, competitor analysis, relevance of case studies and best practices for coop managers, IPR considerations, and feedback from the expert and advisory board.
  • 09/2016AAL Forum Workshop
    Building Engaging Web and Mobile Solutions for the Diverse End-User Groups of Care Cooperatives: Hands-on Workshop on the iCareCoops System Design Process

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  • 05/2016D1.2 Mid-term status report
    The mid-term status report is based on the presentation at the review meeting. It showcases all project accomplishments, identifies obstacles up to this date and includes the mid-term review questionnaire.
  • 04/2016Milestone 6 Architecture and framework set up
  • 04/2016D4.2 Framework and backend installation status report
    This status report summarises current technical decisions and the set-up of backend and administration panels.
  • 03/2016D3.4 Multilingual labelsets and view-based content structures
    This report outlines the procedure of creating the labelsets and includes translations of the main elements for the future deployment of the iCareCoops platform.
  • 02/2016Milestone 3 Main concept and specifications finished
  • 02/2016D4.1 Web-platform architecture and database setup status report
    During the development of the basic platform architecture all relevant technical decisions have been documented in this status report to guarantee a transparent and comprehensible implementation process.
  • 02/2016D3.3 AAL-driven and -triggered components, features and mockups
    In this deliverable the created mockups, interface designs as well as interactive elements for the platform are aggregated.
  • 02/2016D3.2 Use cases, ICT-supported cooperative service module designs and mockups
    This report specifies the platform and associated service components along feature descriptions and contains concrete use cases to illustrate platform handling and performance, from both a technical and practical perspective.
  • 01/2016D3.1 Concept and technical framework
    This report defines the concept of iCareCoops in detail using personas and user requirements and describes system architecture, system requirements and development environment.
  • 12/2015Milestone 2 Stakeholder studies finished
  • 12/2015D2.5 AAL solutions, devices and gateway collection 1
    The first of two iterations of collecting AAL solutions, services, devices and gateways for integration in iCareCoops.
  • 11/2015D2.4 Stakeholder studies
    A comprehensive report on iCareCoops stakeholders with a deduction of group-specific requirements, structures, workflows and services in the form of user stories.
  • 11/2015D6.2 Foundation guide
    The first entry in a series of guidelines and toolkits that provide care cooperatives with critical insights to foster care cooperative growth.

    Download iCareCoops Foundation Guide
  • 10/2015D2.2 Best practice report on cooperatives
    A report on cooperatives in other domains, offered services, the role of ICT and applicable lessons learned for care cooperatives.

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  • 09/2015D2.3 Stakeholder collection including a comprehensive map
    A detailed catalog of key stakeholders covering various sectors and geographical regions within the EU.

    Download Stakeholder collection
  • 06/2015D2.1 Baseline report on care cooperatives and communities
    This report serves as basis for the further tasks as it presents a summary of the European care cooperatives landscape.

    Download Baseline report
  • 05/2015D6.1 Project website and project-related info material
    Download iCareCoops info material from our Media Centre
  • 04/2015D1.1 Kickoff-meeting report
    The kickoff-meeting report contains the meeting agenda, participant list and highlights all relevant information on important consortium decisions.
  • 03/2015Milestone 1 Kickoff