SYNYO is an innovative company based in Vienna and structured into the divisions of research, development and consulting. Focused on "ICT & Society", SYNYO follows a research-oriented approach, holds in-depth expertise in technical development, social research, and merges these areas successfully within applied research projects. The SYNYO staff consists of highly motivated academics specialised in various technical fields, including software engineering, architecture design, proof of concept prototyping, application development, Social Media analytics and usability testing. SYNYO also covers various social research disciplines such as security research, technological sociology, mass media and conflict communication and social research methods. In various projects SYNYO uses innovative methods such as monitoring approaches or collective intelligence techniques to collect, filter and present user generated content and mass data out of social media. In iCareCoops SYNYO will lead WP1, and will be responsible for the overall project coordination. In WP3 (Concept), SYNYO will elaborate the concept for iCareCoops including an efficient ICT-based and AAL-driven technical framework. SYNYO will lead WP4 (Development) and will set up the web platform, install the open source frameworks, and will customize the backend panel. In WP5 (Testing) SYNYO will deploy the web-based demonstrator on so that it can be used for testing. In WP6 (dissemination) SYNYO will be mainly responsible for the launch of the project website. SYNYO will work in close collaboration with all project partners.

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SIVECO ROMANIA SA has become one of the most important Romanian providers and software integrators of Enterprise Resource Management License and Maintenance, eLearning, eGovernment, eHealth, eBusiness, eAgriculture, eCustoms solutions and turnkey projects, during its twenty-two years of existence, acting both on the internal and international markets. SIVECO has developed and implemented solutions for improving the management of the health insurance funds and for increasing the quality of medical and pharmaceutical services. It is also involved as technological partner in the following European Projects.

In iCareCoops SIVECO will contribute with their extensive experience to WP3 (conceptual design), and are responsible for research and specification of AAL-driven and -triggerd components and features including mockups, and multilingual labelsets and definition of detailed, view-based content structures. In addition, SIVECO is intensively involved in WP4 (development), especially when it comes to integration of selected third party AAL-driven gateways, solutions and devices serving as impulses for service modules, and the provision of open APIs to integrate third-party care networks and action-triggered AAL systems. SIVECO’s work will be based on the results of WP2, and will be tested in WP5, therefore not only close interaction with other development partners (SYNYO, IDEAL) is needed, but also close collaboration with ZHAW and VIA, and end user organisations.

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iDeal Development (DK)

iDeal Development is a Danish app development company. We are true professionals, and we pride ourselves on delivering innovative, well engineered and functional solutions in the field of native apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In iCareCoops iDeal will be responsible for the App development as a proven provider of mobile solutions, including User Experience (UX design) analysis, being involved in requirements Management, Design of sketches, Flowcharts, User Interface (UI) design, Mockup, Programming, Test, Bug fixing and Upload to stores. iDeal work will be based on the results of WP2, and will be tested in WP5, therefore not only close interaction with other development partners (SYNYO, TEAMNET, CITDEV) is needed, but also close collaboration with ZHAW and VIA, and end user organisations.

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Cooperatives Europe (BE)

Cooperatives Europe is the voice of cooperative enterprises in Europe. On behalf of its 82 member organisations from 33 European countries across all business sectors it promotes the cooperative business model in Europe.Its members represent 123 million individual member cooperators owning 160.000 co-operative enterprises and providing jobs to 5.4 million European citizens - a force for economic growth and social change.

In iCareCoops Cooperatives Europe strongly involved in WP2 (Analysis) and responsible for the investigation of best practice cooperatives. Based on their experience they will have a main applied research part on existing concepts on care cooperatives, and the collection of relevant stakeholders, as well as stakeholder studies and deduction of group-specific requirements, structures, workflows and services. Further Cooperatives Europe will be involved in WP5 (Testing). They have a key role in leading WP6 (dissemination and mobilization) when they create detailed guidelines and intuitive toolkits for the foundation of elderly care cooperatives in Europe, and to promote ICT-based and AAL-driven iCareCoops. Their work will be in close cooperation with end-users of iCareCoops, and they function as a bridge between the research and developers of the project, and end-users (care cooperatives) in Europe. The organisation can build on an excellent network that allows us to involve stakeholders from all across Europe in the project.

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ZHAW - University of Applied Sciences Winterthur (CH)

The ZHAW is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland. Teaching, research, continuing education, consulting and other services are both scientifically based and practice-oriented. Graduates of the ZHAW hold their own on national and international markets and in the intercultural working world.
About 11'000 students are enrolled at the ZHAW in a total of 26 Bachelor’s degree programs and 13 consecutive Master’s programs. The university also offers a broad range of continuing education courses, including over 40 Master's of Advanced Studies programs. 30 institutes at the ZHAW network their resources to provide business and industry with customized services. The ZHAW offers a wide range of specialist knowledge. All of its Schools carry out disciplinary and interdisciplinary research. The results of ZHAW research projects are both scientifically sound and practice-relevant.

In iCareCoops ZHAW is leading WP2 (Analysis) and focusing on research on existing studies, analyses, concepts and publications on care cooperatives and communities, collection of relevant stakeholders, stakeholder studies and deduction of group-specific requirements, structures, workflows and services, and collection of existing AAL solutions, services, devices and gateways relevant for future care cooperatives. They are also involved in WP5 (Testing) and WP6 (dissemination) focusing on dissemination of the project results in a scientific community. ZHAW will work in close collaboration with other research partners and end-users, as well as developers as their results will be input for the following technical tasks in WP3 and WP4.

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VIA University College (DK)

VIA is Denmark’s largest university of applied sciences with 18,500 (of which 2,500 international) + 20,000 in continuing education and 2.100 employees. VIA educates 1 in 4 teachers, nurses, social workers and pedagogues (social educators) in Denmark. VIA offer 41 bachelor degree programmes (16 in English) International master’s degrees, joint- and double degrees and has 20 research centres, 7 student entrepreneurship centres and PhD projects.

In iCareCoops VIA is leading WP5 (Testing) and will develop a scientific-based test design to conduct usability tests, feedback loops and validation surveys with selected end-user organisations. Further VIA, as research partner, will be involved in WP2 (Analysis) and WP6 (dissemination). VIA will work in close collaboration with other research partners and end-users, as well as developers through feedback loops between WP4 and WP5.

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ZDUS - Zveza društev upokojencev Slovenije (SI)

The Slovenian Federation of Pensioners’ Associations (ZDUS) is an NGO, established in 1946, organized as an umbrella organization of 503 local associations of pensioners and clubs, including over 233.000 members all over Slovenia. Main objectives: active and creative life of older people, recognition of their potential, knowledge and experiences. Areas of work: promotion of health, advocacy for the rights and needs of older people, self-help activities and volunteering, active ageing and lifelong learning, supporting independent living at home etc.

In iCareCoops ZDUS will be involved in WP2 (Analysis), especially they will research on best practice cooperatives and concepts in Slovenia and the needs and requirements of end-users. They will also act like an end-user organisation in WP3 (Concept), and in WP5 (Testing). They will have a key role in the simulation and test of ICT-based and AAL-driven iCareCoops services in real scenarios with real end users. Also ZDUS will be part of WP6 (Dissemination and Mobilisation) and to promote concepts of elderly care in Slovenia. ZDUS will work in close collaboration with research partners and developers and will be the interface between the project team and end-users.

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Senior Citizen Cooperative Riedlingen (DE)

The „Seniorengenossenschaft Riedlingen“ was founded 9th April 1991 as the first institution of its kind in Germany. It is organised, managed and financed exclusively by the citizens of Riedlingen. Its aims are to organise mutual aid by beneficial terms and achieve that its members can stay at their own homes till the end of their lives – mostly autonomously. By this helping of the old aged among one another and the totally self-financing the social systems get relieved and so do the younger generations. Co-workers are usually persons who are retired. They get an amount of money that gives them the possibility to take care of their own old age. With this money they can enlarge their own low old age income or form reserves by saving it. Persons who save the money at the SGR get a credit of time of one hour per each saved hourly-wage. To an optional time this hour can be redeemed. The saved amount of money can also be paid out in cash. The committed senior citizens give an important contribution to society by their work and by investing their knowledge and skills. The experience shows that appreciation of the own person and self-confidence of the senior citizen significantly increases.

In iCareCoops the Senior Citizen Cooperative Riedlingen will have an important part in WP2 (Analysis) as they can provide information, e.g. through expert interviews, about the establishment and management of a cooperative on an everyday basis and from a practical perspective. They are an excellent example that proofs the successful functioning of an elderly care cooperative. Also they will be strongly involved in WP5 (Testing) to validate and test iCareCoops platform and services in a real environment. They will work in close cooperation with ZDUS as leader of WP2, VIA as WP5 leader, and SYNYO as project leader.

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